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Read our Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about how we can help with your CV or starting a new career, so here are some of the answers to our frequently asked questions.

  • How can you write my CV for me when you don’t know what I do?
    You are the expert in what you do and the terminology / expertise that is important to recruiters in your industry and area of specialism. We provide the know-how on creating a CV that will pass an Applicant Tracking System and showcase your skills. On the video call, we will ask you about what you’ve achieved and how you’ve achieved it. We then create statements for your CV that demonstrate your unique skills and achievements.
  • Why don’t you run my CV through an Applicant Tracking System and give me feedback?
    Whilst some organisations do this, it won’t help, in a real life situation the system is programmed by the recruiter to pick out the requirements for the specific job you apply for. So you may score well on their report, but when you use the CV to apply you may not score as well. I work with you so you understand how these systems work and how to quickly and easily tailor your CV for the actual job you want. Their report isn’t tailored; it probably told you and the hundreds of others who sent their CV in, that you came across as a doer and not an achiever. They also pointed out that you needed a professional to review your CV - which they happen to provide. I tested these reports, got that same feedback and then tested my CV with recruiters. The results spoke for themselves with the number of interviews / call backs - 6 positive responses from 8 applications.
  • What makes you qualified to write my CV?
    I’ve spent over 20 years working in HR and Learning and Development supporting managers with recruitment and training them to advertise, sift applications and interview. I have reviewed over 300 CV’s in the past 12 months both for individuals and as part of a professional outplacement service. My own CV has resulted in a high success rate and numerous job offers, I know it works!
  • Can you guarantee success?
    I can’t guarantee you your dream job. What I can do is give you the CV and understanding of the techniques to maximise your chance of being offered an interview. Each time you apply for a role you will need to tailor your CV to match their requirements and it’s down to you to do well at the interview. What I can guarantee is that you will feel more confident in your CV's content and it should increase the number of positive responses to your CV.
  • Why can’t I just find a template online and save my money?
    If you had to review your CV solo it would probably take you somewhere between 4 – 6 hours on average, much more than 60 or 90-minutes. The online templates may look great, but many will not pass through an Applicant Tracking System, because they contain images and formatting that won’t be read correctly by this type of technology. At best the system will just not read this content and at worst it will reject the CV automatically and no one will read it.
  • What are the benefits of a professional CV review?
    You save time, effort and energy in writing your CV. What would take you hours on your own is achieved in 60 or 90-minutes. Often someone else can see strengths that you see as just doing your job. When you are caught up in doing the role you often ‘forget’ your achievements and our call it will jog your memory and we can add these great skills and achievements to your CV. You don’t have to trawl the internet to find a CV template or spend hours researching what to include and how to write it. You will know how to match your CV to the job advert so future applications are likely to be more successful. You can be confident the final CV will be formatted so it can be accurately read by the technology used by recruiters to sift candidates increasing your chances of an interview and reduce the number of automated no thank yous.
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