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At Snow Limits Coaching we believe in making the recruitment process fairer. 
You can be brilliant in your field of expertise, but if you struggle to write a great CV you don’t even get invited to talk to the recruiter at an interview. It means that lots of great future employees are overlooked.


We help you find and secure your dream job by helping you develop your job hunting skills and perfect your CV.  We can show you how to review an advert so you know what a recruiter is looking for, making it easier to write a great CV.  A good CV will improve your success rate at getting an interview, which is where you can shine!

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Our founder Claire Snow has experienced this unfairness first hand, not only in her job searches early in her career but also in her roles in HR and Training in a variety of large corporations. 

It is estimated that 66% of large companies and 35% of smaller companies use technology to scan applicants CVs.   When they often get 100s of applicants why wouldn’t they?  What they don’t tell you is that this technology works in a particular way and unless your CV is formatted correctly the technology can’t read it.  This could be why you're not getting invited to interviews.


We are passionate about sharing our knowledge so that you can send a CV that will pass this technology and get your CV in front of human eyes!


Our founder Claire Snow has experienced this unfairness first hand, and felt determined to do something about it. Having supported over 300 people writing their CVs as part of our sister Company Snow Limits Consulting Ltd, she founded Snow Limits Coaching in 2022.  The business has grown and continues to make a difference to job hunters in what is becoming an ever challenging recruitment market.

We have been shortlisted for the Business Action Outstanding New Business Award, and are extremely proud to have made the finalist list from 29 fantastic North Devon new businesses.


Our CV review team have been trained to review and create your ideal CV and often have been in the recruiting seat as a Manager.  They know what it’s like to sift through hundreds of CVs and what a recruiter is looking for.  This puts them in a great position to support you to create your perfect CV.


What we love about what we do is the change in the level of confidence our clients have in their CV. 


What sets us apart is that we don't do everything by e-mail, you get to speak to your CV writer in person. 


This is what makes the difference, you learn what a recruiter is looking for an how to create good quality achievement statements.  This gives you a better chance of writing a CV that gets you more interview offers. 


After their coaching call all our candidates can’t wait to test out their new CV by applying for roles and it’s amazing to have been part of that change.

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As a member of the Association for NLP we have signed up to their code of ethics and believe in providing a professional service bound by their best practice guidelines.  Click here to find out more.

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Let's create a career you love! 

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