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Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching?
Career Coaching is more than just helping you get a promotion or change jobs.  A Career Coach can help you when:

  • You feel stuck in a job you hate.

  • You're due to retire and want to have a plan.

  • Redundancy has happened and you're not sure what next.

  • Starting your own business but with no clue how.

  • Changing job or career so you don't feel sick on Sunday night thinking about Monday.

  • You're unhappy at work, thinking there's more to life than this.

  • You've lost your confidence and want to find it again.

  • The thought of job hunting scares you.

  • You want some interview tips and help managing the nerves.

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At Snow Limits Coaching we believe it's never too late to change your Career.

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  • You start by dreaming.

  • Then believing it's possible.

  • All of a sudden you're planning and taking the small steps.

  • Those small steps turn into big steps.

  • Then your dream is real!!

What are the Benefits of Career Coaching?
Career Coaching helps you to:
  • Gain clarity on your next steps.

  • Identify your strengths and development areas to help make more informed choices.

  • Develop or regain your confidence.

  • Create a plan of action.

  • Challenge what is blocking your progress.

  • Think about the issue differently.

  • Stay motivated and on track

  • Feel safe exploring all your options not just what you think you should do.

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How does it work?

We have the experience of Coaching and NLP to provide you support, guidance and the tools to make it easier than ever to create the career you've dreamt of.

At Snow Limits Coaching there's no magic formula or standard package. 


We take the time to understand your current situation and what you want to achieve.  We then design a bespoke package to best support you.  We've found that as each client is unique and their question is slightly different that this approach is the most effective.

You start the process by completing a quick set of questions that help us understand you and your situation better.  If we can help we will book a short 30 minute call to help get to know you better, for you to ask any questions and for us to explain how we might support you.

Don't worry there's no pressure or sneaky sales tactics, we'll just explain how it works and what the costs are - the rest is up to you.

To give you an idea of cost, our power hour, which is perfect for last minute interview prep starts from £149.

If you like what you hear on the call, we'll send a proposal and the terms and conditions so you know exactly what is expected.  We then book a time and date for your first session.

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